In the garden. Kelly Brown's urns. Julie, Andrew & Andrew. Some beautiful oils on canvas by Philip Drummond.
The wonderful Paul Bacon. Dom invoicing!! Painting by Leonie Barton, sculpture by Paul Bacon. Robert Brain with one of his amazing tapestries. Carlos Barrios.
Dom with Nicholas & Ray - Carlos Barrios opening. Carlos Barrios opening drinks. Dom & Andrew - Carlos Barrios opening. Vale Tim Klingender - Happier times in the gallery.
Marina, Dom, Xavier & Ben. We've really been enjoying our Winter swimming this year. Jessica Murtagh in Sydney for her amazing opening. Andrew Kelly's opening drinks.
Geoff Mitchell's opening drinks - Geoff with Walter Barda. Virginia, Paul & Christine - Rocco Fazzari & Andrew Kelly openings. At the
George & Rick Bernabei. Mary Shackman & George Raftopoulos. With Julianne Ross Allcorn - opening drinks for “A Garden Lost in Time