Sanctuary - Sokquon Tran

Sanctuary:  Humanising the Elements

 The German Romantics conceived their art through the subconscious, where earthly subjects are alchemised into an immortal state of being.  It is a realm that defies physics. Its imagery resemble the conscious landscape, however its contents encompass the sublime.

 Currently, I am exploring the physical landscapes in terms of their spiritual characteristics and the energies they possess as a singular entity as well as a collective.

 I have been searching for a way to clarify the relationship between the viewer's conciousness of the landscape, and how forms, mass and motions can be persuaded and influenced by the mood of the observer.

 The absence of the figure in some of my works presents a landscape untamed by human conditionings, thereby evoking the urge for explorations.  The viewer's  engagement    generates emotions, allowing the process of humanising the natural elements within the artwork.

 By interpreting the peaceful and spiritual elements of nature and introducing a sense of refuge into my paintings, I have created a sanctuary for the mind.

Sokquon Tran / 2013



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