Enrique Del Val - Recent Paintings

Enrique del Val is a Spanish born painter who lives and works in his adopted town of Robertson, NSW. His painting practice is typified by energetic brushwork and strong colour as descriptions of the emotional ties and bonds to the world and people around him. Enrique's last body of works 'Friendship, Irreverence and Magik' 2011 and ‘This F Wonderful Thing Life’ 2012 tending towards the magical side of experience graphically illustrated the highs and lows of the shared bonds of friendship.
Centred in remaining loyal to his emotional intensity in an atmosphere he feels so often eludes so, Enrique's works become the intriguing diary of a young passionate man making his way in the modern world, struggling to come to terms with cultural difference, geographical and emotional isolation, and striving for acceptance.
'Recent Paintings' is Enrique's third show at Maunsell Wickes Gallery. In a extension of his last exhibition, these works engage less with the figures of his environment, to turn the focus inwards and explore both the light of the Spiritual Path and the sensuality of mundane existence through a visual assault of colour. Painting on both traditional canvas and X-ray plates, Enrique boldly sets aside his documentary style in favour of a raw visceral approach, allowing the paintings to take on their own life through confidence and intuition, or using Enrique’s words through ‘the integration of the Punk Buddha’, that is, reconciling in a gesture of painting the vision of the spiritually aware with the kissing the world of a sweaty rock and roller.

Exhibition Images