Peter Boggs - Italy; The Metaphysical Landscape.

In the end, my work is about recollections, remembered settings, secrecy in a way - surface realism concealing a kind of off stage drama. In this sense Italy occupies a place in my dreams fairly continuously and it is these dreams and remembered settings that provide the material and subject of my work.

My interest is in atmospheres and tones, not the accuracy of facts or any exactitude - more allegorical. Sensed by just a few clues, personal meanings within metaphors and imagery distilled by time and distance aim to encourage imagination to that which is not visible. Accordingly, where these pictures 'are', is less relevant than the ideas they represent for the imagination of the viewer to hopefully inhabit the pictures and to explore them for themselves. The objective is an image of universality.

Peter Boggs October 1, 2012.

Exhibition Images