Linda Bowden The Fifth

Linda is the first woman to exhibit at Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi ten times - now a member of The Decade Club.


Artist’s statement – The Fifth

Being given permission to fly with the opportunity of a solo show at Maunsell Wickes I did so, and this show is the result of my journey.  There followed an outpouring of work, at least from my point of view, which is about being at home, in my studio, and describing my house, garden, environs and imaginings.

This year’s work arose out of a collection of timber legs and other parts of furniture that I had collected over the past three years.  They suggested figures, trees and vases to me and so this body of work evolved. Nearly all of the works contain a chair leg or part thereof or reference to such.  They are visual expressions of moments, thoughts or feelings.  Since each work is a reference to something real they each have a name, like my children.

All but two of the works were made this year; Into the trees II is included because it was my first use of chair legs; Landscape after Soutine is included because it is the first reference to trees in my work.

For me, making art is to go on a journey without knowing the destination, but to be determined, and to eventually arrive at a place where the work sings

“I am finished.”

Exhibition Images